Beautiful Borders – Gardening Course


Welcome to your Beautiful Borders Course, where audio learning brings your garden aspirations to life!

Join us for expert guidance on creating stunning borders from Lucie Giselle Ponsford, a highly respected horticulturist with an impressive 18 years of experience in the field.

In this course, you’ll gain practical skills and unlock the secrets to designing and planting beautiful borders that will transform your outdoor space into a stunning garden.

Learn from Lucie’s wealth of knowledge and experience as she shares her plant selection and layout design insights.

Enhance your learning experience by exploring our curated articles on border aspects, prepping, planting, and aftercare, which provide additional resources and inspiration. Download our PDF guide of the planting plan to create your beautiful border.

Let’s embark on this educational adventure and transform your garden into a vibrant and enchanting oasis. Let’s cultivate beauty together.

Book Your OnSite Consultation

Our first point of call is an Onsite Consultation. This is an opportunity to tap into my 18 years of landscaping and construction experience and firm up your ideas with you.  

  • This consultation will give you a guide on pricing and timescales.
  • As it will contribute to your design should you wish to go ahead we recommend all decision-makers are present for this meeting and as such we are happy to attend your property evenings or weekends, should that be required.
  • The service is followed by a Vision Board and Client Specification sheet that will be sent to your email and will bring together your needs and desires giving you a clear goal to focus on the next stages of your project. 


Once you submit the form you will be redirected to PayPal to process the £120 (Inc VAT) consultation fee.