Mimosa Design offers a complete garden design, installation and maintenance service to suit each individual client according to their needs, style and budget.   

Our bespoke Signature Design Service achieves great results for life flow, best use of your installed destinations with consideration of all external influences, supporting you with a complete outdoor living space that will inspire you and your loved ones to enjoy time outdoor space.

Mimosa Design’s complete service will ensure the WOW! factor.  We will consider all aspects of your garden in relation to your home, and other buildings or boundaries. We take into account slopes and review what can be improved, removed or added to the existing plants or trees. For an onsite consultation with our Head Designer, Lucie Ponsford, go now to our bookings page. 

Mimosa Design Limited is a grassroots company started by our head garden designer Lucie Giselle Ponsford in 2015.

Garden Design

Our Services

Our services now include Onsite garden consultation, Signature Design services, Installation and build and Maintanence packages. All are designed to ensure your wonderful mimosa-installed garden grows well for the long term.

Lucie Giselle Ponsford gained experience working as a garden manager. Potential new clients can request a no-obligation call to assess their needs and explore garden design possibilities this is followed by a paid onsite consultation. When reviewing your requirements, we will be sure to consider the aspect of your garden in relation to your home, and other buildings or boundaries. We will also take into account any level differences, along with reviewing what can be improved, removed or added to the existing plants or trees.

Beauty meets practicality

We are dedicated to creating stunning, life-enhancing gardens for our clients. We want your  garden to meet all your practical needs, with planting that has a great sense of colour, style, imagination and is unique to you.

‘A garden must combine the poetic and the mysterious with a feeling of serenity and joy.’ (Louis Barragan)

We consult and assist our clients when deciding how best to rejuvenate their gardens; from design, construction and planting, we ensure delivery of the project to your satisfaction from beginning to end.

Mimosa offers a bespoke garden design service, creating fabulous gardens our clients love. You can count on our horticultural experts to deliver excellence from design to completion and, with our maintenance packages, even beyond.

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Small Projects - any space, any budget!

At Mimosa Design we can work with any space and any budget. So, don’t worry if you think your garden is too small, there are always ways to make more of it.

In fact, small gardens offer a lot of advantages – the greatest being manageability. A little time spent maintaining a smaller, well designed space, can go a long way so let us transform yours into a comfortable and relaxing place to connect with nature.

Whether you’re looking to have an extravagant makeover or a simple change to your garden, trust us to carry out all the renovations you are looking for. No matter the budget, we will work with you to decide the design that will work best for you

Attention to detail

We are here to take every single detail into account. Practical or fantastical, the possibilities when working with a small outdoor space can be endless and with our creativity and unique ideas, mixed with our experience, plant knowledge and garden design expertise, we can create you a little piece of paradise.

Renovating your garden could increase the value of your property!

Developing even a small garden can pay dividends if you are looking to sell or rent your property. Numerous studies have indicated that a well-kept garden can generate a higher price and certainly they add an appeal that can make all the difference to a prospective buyer/renter.

Medium gardens

Mimosa Design works a lot with new builds and gardens where there are; limitations over privacy, difficult angles, poor soil quality and varying levels. No matter the issues, we can offer life changing results with living space utilised and wellbeing lifted. Being able to use your outdoor space is a luxury we should all be afforded.

Your little piece of paradise

There is no need to worry about the size of your garden, as we are experienced and trained in transforming any space into a place that will become your favourite. Relax while we create, for you and your family, a little bit of paradise in your garden.

Consulting with you to achieve greatness

Before undertaking any work, we offer all our clients a session to discuss their vision for their garden. Using our experience and expertise, we will advise and guide you to the best options based on your needs, wants, style and budget.

Garden Design

Larger landscapes

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Shangri-la your larger landscape

It is true that owning a large garden can be overwhelming. As part of our package, Mimosa Design will provide plant profiles and a maintenance calender to help clients better manage their gardens. We can also propose designs that will divide your larger landscapes into smaller, easier to manage plots.

Bigger landscapes require sight line destinations and points of interest to attract the eye and draw you in. For ease of maintenance and to prevent them becoming overwhelming, it is also important to use plant choices which will not become a future problem.

Landscaping and seating areas

Mimosa Design can sculpt landscapes, carry out tree work to better improve boundaries through the garden and make best use of borrowed landscapes to enhance your view. We can also break up your garden; offering quality patios and seating destinations to suit your entertaining needs, creating child friendly play areas and perhaps also an area where you are content for nature to take more of a lead e.g. meadow or woodland areas.

Mimosa will offer you a bespoke garden design service for your larger garden at a budget that suits you. Dedicated to creating fabulous gardens our clients love, we will be with you every step of the way to make your dream garden a reality.

Meet The Team

Mimosa Design has years of background experience to help us create personal havens where you can relax and connect with nature.  We are an independent and family run business. Each member of our team takes personal pride in what they do and is constantly striving to develop their skills in order to give the best service possible.

Book Your OnSite Consultation

Our first point of call is an Onsite Consultation. This is an opportunity to tap into my 18 years of landscaping and construction experience and firm up your ideas with you.  

  • This consultation will give you a guide on pricing and timescales.
  • As it will contribute to your design should you wish to go ahead we recommend all decision-makers are present for this meeting and as such we are happy to attend your property evenings or weekends, should that be required.
  • The service is followed by a Vision Board and Client Specification sheet that will be sent to your email and will bring together your needs and desires giving you a clear goal to focus on the next stages of your project. 


Once you submit the form you will be redirected to PayPal to process the £120 (Inc VAT) consultation fee.