Free Microwoodland Design Free Design How To Use This Guide

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So, firstly, how to use this MicroWoodland course. I’ve done everything on audio so you can listen to it as you go about your day, drive in the car or whatever you need to do. It is available whenever you need to think of something bigger and joyful to bring to your home. There is also a transcript for each audio, so if you prefer reading, you can read from the transcript.

We have stages that we’re going to go through:  first, we’re going to understand the premise of the MicroWoodland garden. Then, we will look at the design and focus on what I’ve created for you and how you can transfer it into your garden. Afterwards, we will home in and look at the different plant options. I have selected one plant option within your design, but I have supplied options for you to vary the impact you want on the environment.

There is a collaborative potential for this. You can either take the design as it is and install it completely, or you can, with the understanding that I will give you over the following few audios, take the information and remake it as your own. This is an opportunity for you to bring nature to your garden and work with it, so I am also opening this up to you. It’s a collaboration. There will be some links to buy certain plants I have used before. The nurseries I recommend can supply good quality plants through mail-order because this needs to be easy for you, and for the most part, all I want you to do is listen to the principals, plant some plants, nurture them, and they will nurture you.

There are articles that you can read afterwards. Please follow us on our socials, which includes our Substack Hortiverse. (Use this link to follow). I will discuss these principles and any new thoughts that are evolving. It’s worth being part of our Facebook community @mimosadesign; asking questions in those spaces will help us understand the process better, and I will personally answer your queries if you tag me @lucieponsford. Bring your pictures to that space so that we can see how your gardens are evolving and troubleshoot any problems you might have. Again, we’re trying to promote a community between nature and man. We are nature; ultimately, our nature is to be part of a community. You’re going to create a community of plants in your garden, and hopefully, together, we will promote a woodland of people.

Book Your OnSite Consultation

Our first point of call is an Onsite Consultation. This is an opportunity to tap into my 18 years of landscaping and construction experience and firm up your ideas with you.  

  • This consultation will give you a guide on pricing and timescales.
  • As it will contribute to your design should you wish to go ahead we recommend all decision-makers are present for this meeting and as such we are happy to attend your property evenings or weekends, should that be required.
  • The service is followed by a Vision Board and Client Specification sheet that will be sent to your email and will bring together your needs and desires giving you a clear goal to focus on the next stages of your project. 


Once you submit the form you will be redirected to PayPal to process the £120 (Inc VAT) consultation fee.